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Why ETL Bodensee M&A?

What sets us apart

Throughout the entire process, specialists in the areas of M&A, tax, auditing and law are required.

The ETL Bodensee Group offers you a service that also generates significant added value in the process flow, as we are able to provide our clients with all services relevant to the respective transaction as a one-stop solution, and thus in a coordinated, efficient, and flexible manner.

Our goal is to work with you to achieve maximum success in the intended transaction, both personally and financially, while allowing you to keep your focus on your daily operations.


Michael Brielmaier

Managing Director ETL Bodensee Mergers & Acquisitions GmbH
Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Telefon +49 7541 9361-1720

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OUR Network

ETL Bodensee Merger & Acquisitions is part of the ETL Bodensee Group. Our group offers a wide range of services from legal, tax and management consulting to auditing and IT services. With our broad expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive support to companies in the region. Our offices in Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Ravensburg and Tettnang are looking forward to your visit.

The ETL Bodensee Group is part of the internationally active ETL Global network. This means that, if necessary, we can draw on industry specialists and international contacts for your project.

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What is your objective?


You intend to sell your company or parts of it?

Our team has the relevant transactional experience and supports you reliably in the preparation and implementation of company sales and carve-outs.Our task in this is to keep risks to a minimum and to turn opportunities into successes through well-prepared and strategically structured sales processes.
We adapt our range of tasks to your needs and, if you so wish, will accompany you along the entire path from target / strategy definition, transaction modeling, preparing pertinent documents, selecting suitable buyers, transaction implementation to contract negotiations / contract arrangement (sales and purchase agreement (SPA)). Thus, what is going on at any one time will always be fully transparent to you.

From start-ups to medium-sized companies, we are the partner by your side who delivers with know-how, industry expertise as well as an interdisciplinary service portfolio on site.


You would like to invest and are looking for a suitable company?

Companies can sustainably create added value through strategic acquisitions. However, purchasing a company is, at the same time, one of the most risky decisions a company can make.

Our task is to furnish you with as much information as possible to make this risk calculable. We create a reliable basis for your decision through a comprehensive due diligence, comprising a careful examination of all relevant factors.

Together, we execute the appropriate tax and legal structuring of the company acquisition.

If you so wish, we will assist and advise you throughout the entire transaction process. I.e., from defining the acquisition target, identifying potential takeover objects (targets), due diligence to contract negotiations / contract arrangement (sales and purchase agreement (SPA)), signing and closing.

Transaction Services

Our team of specialists from all advisory disciplines analyse the economic, financial, organisational, fiscal and legal circumstances –
on a national, international and multidisciplinary basis. Our offer is comprehensive and tailored to your needs for each individual step of the transaction.

Due Diligence

Whether it be buying or selling, a thorough analysis of the key financial figures (financial due diligence) is a central component of every successful transaction. Financial due diligence focuses on information acquisition and the identification of opportunities and risks (upside/downside potentials).

This applies irrespective of whether the due diligence is carried out by order of a potential buyer (so-called buy-side due diligence) or of a seller (also known as vendor due diligence).

Tax Due

The fiscal structuring of a corporate transaction plays a vital role for the financial success of the project.

Legal M&A

Our consultation begins in the run-up to the transaction with the implementation of the legal due diligence and also includes the conception and planning of a company acquisition or sale. During the implementation phase, we represent you in the contractual negotiations and prepare the complete documentation.

We accompany you throughout the entire process: from the due diligence through to the closing and beyond – including the integration of companies or parts of companies.

Mergers &

Whether it be company acquisitions, company sales or carve outs, ETL Bodensee is your partner in all phases of the transaction. We develop individual strategies together with you and successfully implement your transaction.

Company valuation
Integrated financial models:

Within the framework of entrepreneurial initiatives, the following core questions arise:

What is the value of the company based on an integrated business plan? Which price pays off for buyers and which for sellers? What is the expected cashflow and is there a financing requirement based on this?

Wir setzen Impulse.


The ETL Lake Constance Group collects for you extensive news from the areas of: tax consulting, management consulting, legal consulting, funding / aid measures and much more. The news is composed of information from our ETL network as well as content specially developed at Lake Constance.
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We have been advisors to companies in the Lake Constance, Upper Swabia and Allgäu region for over 60 years. Our group offers a wide range of services from legal, tax and management consultancy to auditing and IT services. With our broad expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive support to regional as well as international companies looking forward to invest in Germany.

Interdisciplinary Team

Specialists in the areas of M&A, tax, auditing and law are required throughout the entire process.


Managing Director
Transaction Structuring & Valuation

ETL Bodensee M&A GmbH

Cara Raff

Legal M&A Legal M&A Lawyer, Tax Consultant

Managing Director
ETL Bodensee Gruppe


Legal M&A

Managing Director
ETL Bodensee Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft


Transaction Models / Tax
Tax Consultant

Managing Director ETL Friedrichshafen StBGmbH


On an international level, the ETL Bodensee Group can draw on the ETL Global network and, if required, is able to integrate both branch-specialists and international contacts into projects at any time.






ETL as employer

What we offer:

We stand for interdisciplinary, fast and uncomplicated consulting of the highest quality. Our unique selling point in the Lake Constance region is our national and international network with strong local ties. We have recognized that isolated consulting is not effective. Rather, a client can only benefit from the interplay of tax, legal and business management advice.

What does that mean for you?

We have many exciting local projects that you can work on and numerous clients that you can support. It is important to us that you get deeply involved in the projects right from the start and actively participate in the client work.

Curiosity and ambition are always seen and encouraged. Attending training events, for example, is part of the everyday work of ETL Bodensee Group employees.



Monday till Thursday
08.00 Uhr – 12.45 Uhr
14.00 Uhr – 17.00 Uhr

08.00 Uhr – 12.45 Uhr
13.30 Uhr – 15.00 Uhr

Outside these opening hours, we are available by appointment. We look forward to your call or e-mail.



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    Financial Due Diligence

    Ob Kauf oder Verkauf : Eine fundierte Analyse der Finanzkennzahlen (Financial Due Diligence) ist zentraler Baustein einer jeden erfolgreichen Transaktion. Die Financial Due Diligence hat dabei die Informationsgewinnung und die Identifikation von Chancen und Risiken (Upside/Downside-Potenziale) zum Inhalt. Dies gilt unabhängig davon ob die Due Diligence im Auftrag eines potenziellen Käufers (sog. Buy-side Due Diligence) oder eines Verkäufers (sog. Vendor Due Diligence) durchgeführt wird.

    Die Überprüfung der relevanten Informationen erfolgt in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen und ist in Umfang und Stil auf Ihre Transaktion abgestimmt.

    Wir unterstützen Sie auf der Verkäuferseite durch:

    Wir unterstützen Sie auf der Käuferseite durch:

    Red Flag-(ausschließen von Dealbreakern)/Selektive Focus-Reports (Analyse von Teilbereichen), Buy-Side Due Diligence-Berichte. Dabei gehören folgende Kernleistungen zu unserem Angebot an Sie:

    Tax Due Diligence

    Die steuerliche Strukturierung einer Unternehmenstransaktion spielt eine wesentliche Rolle für den finanziellen Erfolg des Vorhabens.

    Ziel einer Tax Due Diligence ist daher die Analyse und Bewertung die mit der Transaktion verbundenen steuerlichen Chancen und Risiken.

    Eine ausführliche Due Diligence kostet Zeit und Geld. Daher bieten wir Ihnen einen zweistufigen Prozess an. Um Ihnen einen ersten Überblick über das Zielunternehmen zu geben bieten wir Ihnen eine sogenannte Red Flag/Selective Focus Due Diligence an. Hierdurch werden gleich zu Beginn des M&A –Prozesses die wichtigsten Dealbreaker ausgeschlossen. In der zweiten Stufe wird dann möglichst genau der Umfang der wirtschaftlichen Risiken im Hinblick auf die Kaufvertragsverhandlungen ermittelt.

    Den Umfang unserer Untersuchungen stimmen wir jeweils mit unserem Auftraggeber nach seinen Bedürfnissen ab.


    Unsere Beratung beginnt bereits im Vorfeld der Transaktion mit der Durchführung der Legal Due Diligence und umfasst auch die Konzeption und Planung eines Unternehmenskaufs oder -verkaufs. In der Umsetzungsphase vertreten wir Sie bei Vertragsverhandlungen und erstellen die vollständige Dokumentation.

    Wir begleiten Sie durch den gesamten Prozess: Von der Due Diligence bis hin zum Closing und darüber hinaus – auch bei Integrationen von Unternehmen oder Unternehmensteilen.

    Wir unterstützen Sie insbesondere bei folgenden Fragen:

    Unternehmensbewertung/Integrierte Finanzmodelle

    Im Rahmen von unternehmerischen Initiativen stellen sich im Kern folgende Fragen: Welchen Wert hat das Unternehmen auf Basis eines integrierten Businessplans? Welcher Preis rechnet sich für den Käufer, welcher für den Verkäufer? Wie hoch ist der erwartbare Cashflow und besteht darauf aufbauend Finanzierungsbedarf?

    ETL Bodensee M&A unterstützt Sie bei der Beantwortung aller Fragen rund um den Unternehmenswert. Der Umfang der Analyse hängt vom Bewertungsanlass und den Rahmenbedingungen, wie Informationszugang und Zeit, ab.

    Die Unternehmensbewertung erfolgt dabei anlassabhängig in Form einer ersten Wertindikation, einer Wertberechnung oder eines ausführlichen Gutachtens nach verschiedenen Verfahren (z. B. nach den Vorgaben des IDW oder der International Valuation Standards).

    Im Grundprinzip werden zukünftige Finanzströme mit einem geeigneten Diskontierungssatz abgezinst. Die Ergebnisse werden dann anhand von Multiples mit der aktuellen Markteinschätzungen verglichen.

    Durch integrierte Finanzmodelle ermöglichen wir eine langfristige Unternehmensplanung, die Beurteilung von Investitionen und Transaktionen, die Steuerung von Geschäftseinheiten, sowie anderen strategischen Entscheidungen.

    Unser Ziel besteht darin, mit unseren Bewertungs- und Modellierungsdienstleistungen die erforderliche Transparenz für Ihre unternehmerischen Entscheidungen zu liefern.